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The  FBI Phoenix Citizens Academy Alumni Association (the “FBIPCAAA”) is a private non-profit corporation associated with, but not part of the FBI.  The purpose of the FBIPCAAA is to promote safer communities through community service projects, to educate the public about the mission, resources, and limitations of the FBI, and to undertake other activities in consultation with the Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Division.

In light of the unique relationship between the FBIPCAAA and the FBI, and to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, the Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy (the “Policy”) for officers, directors, and members of the FBIPCAAA.  Officers, directors, and members must act in the best interests of the FBIPCAAA and the FBI and must comply with the letter and the spirit of this Policy.

No code or policy can anticipate every situation that may arise.  Therefore, this Policy is intended to serve as a guide and each officer, director, and member is encouraged to contact the President of the FBIPCAAA with questions about specific circumstances that may implicate one or more of the provisions of this Policy.


1.      Use of the FBI Name and Seal.

 You are prohibited from representing to any third party that you are an agent, employee, or in any way affiliated with the FBI.

You are prohibited from using the FBI seal, any name that makes reference to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any name that includes “FBI” without the prior approval of the FBI.

You are prohibited from selling or otherwise distributing material from the Citizens’ Academy without the prior approval of the FBI.

2.      Use of the FBIPCAAA Name and Logo.

You may use the FBIPCAAA name to indicate that you are a graduate of the Citizens Academy and a member of the FBIPCAAA.

You may not use the FBIPCAAA name or the FBIPCAAA logo to suggest that an event or activity is sponsored, endorsed or authorized by, or affiliated with the FBIPCAAA.

3.      Personal Advantage.

You are prohibited from using your position as an officer, director or member of the FBIPCAAA to procure personal advantages not available to the general public.

4.      Media.

You may not speak on behalf of the FBI or the FBIPCAAA.  All requests from the media regarding the FBI must be directed to Special Agent Manuel Johnson or his designee. All requests from the media regarding the FBIPCAAA must be directed to the President of the FBIPCAAA.

5.      Violations and Sanctions.

Violations of this Policy will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. The action taken by the Board will be commensurate with the seriousness of the violation and may result in termination of your membership.

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