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Our Life Member "Foundation Level: $1,250" has been the cornerstone of our organization for the past 25+ years, and we appreciate our Life Member's support. We are excited to announce additional levels of giving - as you donate additional gifts, you will receive a corresponding colored badge:

Legacy Fidelity Level (Yellow Badge): $2,500

Legacy Bravery Level (Red Badge): $5,000

Legacy Integrity Level (Blue Badge): $10,000

Legacy Constitution Level (Green Badge): $15,000

Legacy Jane Bjornstad Level (Copper Badge): $25,000

Legacy Jim Ahearn Level (Silver Badge): $50,000


1. How was this program started? We owe our gratitude to former FBIPCAAA Board President, Larry Abbott, who inspired this program and guided our Board to create it.

2. How does the additional giving get calculated?  A Life Member who is at the Foundation Level ($1,250) can upgrade to the Fidelity Level ($2,500), by donating the balance of $1,250 for that level. To get from the Fidelity Level to the Bravery Level, the Life Member donates an additional $2,500, and so on.

3. "I've donated in the past, do those donations count"? With our 25+ year history there are a lot of factors to consider. Our Board took into account there are many people who have generously donated over the years, but it's not practical to go all the way back to our roots, so we decided to start calculating cumulative giving from 2018 forward. Pre 2018, no matter what year you became a Life Member, your original $1,250 Life Membership counts towards the cumulative giving.

We thank you for supporting our organization's efforts to serve our community, continuing education, and to support the Phoenix FBI Division's vision and mission for community outreach. 

If you have any questions regarding donations please contact our Treasurer: Annette Tanori (treasurer@fbipcaaa.org)

If you have any general questions regarding this program, please contact: Melissa Dus (admin@fbipcaaa.org)

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